Summer 2014 Outing at Miller Park — Go Brewers!

Meet the Fiedler Group!

                        From left to right: Xixi, Denan, Mike, Amanda and Anne.

Group News:

June 2018 Farewell to Dr. Anne Fischer!

May 2018 Congratulations to Alexandra for graduating!

April 2018 Congratulations to Praveen for completing his lit seminar!

March 2018  Congratulations to Anne for a successful PhD defense!

August 2017  Congratulations to Anne, recipient of the Arthur J. Schmitt Leadership Fellowship!

May 2017 Farewell to Callie!

January 2017 Welcome to the Fiedler group, Callie!

October 2016 Welcome to the Fiedler group, Praveen!

August 2016 Welcome to the Fiedler group, Alexandra!

August 2016 Congratulations to Anne, recipient of the Denis J. O’Brien Fellowship!

May 2016 Farewell to Dr. Amanda Baum-Wagner!
March 2016 Congratulations to Amanda for a successful PhD defense!
January 2016 Farewell to Dr. Denan Wang!
December 2015 Congratulations to Denan for a successful PhD defense!
October 2015 Congratulations to Anne for completing her Research Meeting!
April 2015 Congratulations to Amanda, Recipient of the American Institute of Chemists Graduate Student Award!
FEBRUARY 2015 Great job on your second year Lit seminar, Anne!!!
January 2015 Congratulations to Dr. Adam Fiedler on his promotion to associate professor!!!!
August 2014 Farewell to Dr. Mike Bittner && Ms. Xixi Hong. We will miss you!!!!
July 2014  Congratulations to Mike for a successful PhD defense!
Congratulations to Ms. Xixi Hong on completing her masters degree!
May 2014  Congratulations to Amanda, Recipient of the Eisch Fellowship (2014-2015)
Dec 2013   Welcome to the Fiedler group, Anne!
Jan 2012   Congratulations to Dr. Adam Fiedler, recipient of the Way Klinger Young Scholar Award!
Congratulations to Mr. Jake Baus on completing his Masters degree!
Welcome to the Fiedler group, Amanda!
Dec 2011   Farewell to Dr. Heaweon Park. We’ll miss you!
Jan 2011   Welcome to the Fiedler group, Denan and Xixi!
Jan 2010   Welcome to the Fiedler group, Mike and Jake!
Aug 2009  Welcome to the Fiedler group, Dr. Heaweon Park!
Dr. Adam Fiedler joins the faculty at Marquette University.


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